Same but Different - Dairy Food Names in Chinese

same but different dairy names in chiense


Welcome to the third installment of our captivating series, "Same But Different," where we delve into the intriguing world of linguistic diversity in Chinese. We've previously explored fruits and veggies, and now it's time to uncover the linguistic marvels hidden within the realm of dairy products! Join me on this journey as we explore Chinese's delightful parallels and unique twists to dairy vocabulary.

You might be surprised to learn that a significant portion of the dairy-related terms we'll be discussing have been borrowed from English, a testament to the influence of modern Western culture. Pay close attention as we encounter words like "yogurt," "cheese," and "chocolate." Can you spot the striking similarities between these Chinese and English terms?


Let's dive right in and explore the dairy wonders featured in the photos:


same but different dairy in chinese


🥛 Yogurt (酸奶 suān nǎi / 優格 yōu gé)

Creamy and tangy, yogurt is known as "酸奶" (suān nǎi) in some regions, emphasizing its slightly sour taste. In other areas, it is called "優格" (yōu gé), which closely mirrors its English name, "yogurt."


same but different dairy in chinese 

🧀 Cheese (奶酪 nǎi lào / 起司 qǐ sī)

Indulge in the world of cheese, referred to as "奶酪" (nǎi lào) in some regions, while in others, it's known as "起司" (qǐ sī). These terms reflect the diversity of Chinese language influences and how different regions interpret this delectable dairy delight.


same but different dairy in chinese


🥛 Cream (鮮奶油 xiān nǎi yóu / 忌廉 jì lián)

Cream, the rich and luscious companion to many desserts, is called "鮮奶油" (xiān nǎi yóu) in certain regions. However, in others, it goes by the name "忌廉" (jì lián), highlighting the decadence it adds to culinary creations.


same but different dairy in chinese

🍦 Ice Cream (雪糕 xuě gāo / 冰淇淋 bīng qí lín)

Indulge your sweet tooth with ice cream, known as "雪糕" (xuě gāo) in some places and "冰淇淋" (bīng qí lín) in others. Both terms encapsulate the frozen delight that brings joy on warm days.


same but different dairy in chinese 

🍫 Chocolate (巧克力 qiǎo kè lì / 朱古力 zhū gǔ lì)

Satisfy your chocolate cravings with "巧克力" (qiǎo kè lì) or "朱古力" (zhū gǔ lì), showcasing how Chinese accommodates the diverse ways this sweet treat is enjoyed around the world.


same but different dairy in chinese 

🧈 Butter (黃油 huáng yóu / 牛油 niú yóu)

Butter, the creamy staple of many dishes, is referred to as "黃油" (huáng yóu) or "牛油" (niú yóu), reflecting the golden hue and its origin from milk.


same but different dairy in chinese


🍯 Condensed Milk (煉奶 liàn nǎi / 煉乳 liàn rǔ)

Complete your culinary creations with condensed milk, known as "煉奶" (liàn nǎi) or "煉乳" (liàn rǔ), highlighting the concentrated goodness it adds to recipes.


These word differences show how language and culture are connected, and it's cool to see that we all enjoy things like cheese and ice cream, even if we say it differently. It's like a tasty reminder of how languages bring us all together. Cheers to learning new things! 🧀🥛🍦🍫🥥


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same but different dairy in chinese

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