National Press/Media contact list for book authors

National Press/Media contact list for book authors

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Do you have a press release that you want to distribute to different media outlets? Instead of spending hours collecting contact information for news, media, book review media outlets, you can purchase my personal list of contacts that I've collected over time.

Included on the media list are approximately 1,000 media contacts comprised of the following:

  • 270+ Book Editors & Reviewers national media outlets 
  • 150+ Parenting national media outlets
  • 190+ Women's Interest national media outlets
  • 60 Family Interests national media outlets
  • 75+ Men's Interest national media outlets
  • 175+ Asian-American national media outlets
  • 90+ Local news outlets in San Francisco Bay Area

You will receive an excel file containing the following info:

  • Media company/outlet
  • First and last name of the contact
  • Job title
  • Contact email
  • Contact Address

Disclaimer: Contact information is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate as people may leave companies, contact info may change etc...