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Book Coaching

1 on 1 Book Coaching

So you're thinking of writing and publishing a children's book? I can help you! I offer 1 on 1 book coaching to handhold you through the entire process. I can walk you through the ins and outs of self-publishing, including:

  • Story brainstorming
  • Feedback on your book
  • Finding and working with editors
  • Finding and working with the right illustrators
  • Book and cover critique
  • Book formatting
  • Understanding print-on-demand self-publishing platforms
  • Understanding bulk-printing and dealing with logistics overseas
  • Book marketing
  • Kickstarter crowd-funding
  • Ecommerce
  • Website creation
  • Selling on Amazon

Why Coach with Katrina?

  • She has sold over 25,000 books
  • Early in her career, Katrina was the lead print and web designer of a niche publishing company.
  • She is a now product management leader in the Silicon Valley in the e-commerce and tech industry.
  • She has 15+ years of professional experience with expertise in
    • graphics design 
    • video editing
    • book layout & cover design
    • publishing
    • copywriting
    • marketing
    • e-commerce
  • She ran 2 successful Kickstarter (crowd-funding) campaigns for 2 book titles
Katrina Liu Fully Funded Kickstarter Books
  • She’s published 10+ popular and successful children’s book titles in multiple formats in hardcover, paperback, and kindle ebooks.
  • She’s well-versed in self-publishing methods because she’s done it all!
    • POD (print-on-demand) platforms (Ingramspark and Amazon KDP)
    • Offset printing with overseas printers
    • Direct-to-consumer sales through her website using Shopify
    • Selling books through Amazon (Amazon FBA)
Katrina Liu Fully Funded Kickstarter Books